Establish expertise and build authority

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  1. Get your friends+family to use the product

    Email/post among your local community, whether that’s college or an alumni mailing list or whatever

    Guest writing on niche blogs – you often see this with mommy blogs, etc.

    Cold e-mailing potential users and influencers

    Engaging with potential users over Twitter, Reddit, forums, and other communities

    Contests and giveaways, partnering with a blogger/YouTuber or something

    Getting covered in niche press outlets, like the tech press

  2. 1. Write a Book: name the book, include a one-line description, upload it to a landing page, and call yourself the “author of xyz”

    2. Quotes / Reviews: written, audio, or video interviews of previous clients sharing their experience

    3. In-Depth Blog Posts: write long-form copy of comprehensive tutorials, exercises, and business coaching

    4.Join trade organizations with official-sounding names

    5. Read and summarize the top three best-selling books on your topic

    6. Write for other sites and magazines

    7. Give a talk at a local university and local offices of large companies

    8. Piggyback on other people for press

    9. Participate in conversations taking place in online communities

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