Who is your target customer?

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  1. List of professional service providers in which I have worked:

    Accounting/Tax Services
    Automotive Sales/Services
    Education/Tutoring Services
    Financial/Insurance Services
    HVAC/Plumbing Services
    Landscaping Services
    Marketing Agencies
    Massage/Physical Therapists
    Personal Trainers and Gyms
    Roofing and Remodeling
    And any other service professional who wants to be the #1 provider in their geographic area.

  2. My customer relies on repeat customers of her own. My customer connects with her customers on a meaningful level in-person, and she carries over a consistent experience off-line. She is willing to experiment new methods to see what sticks.

  3. My customer runs her own business because she’s a natural born leader. She doesn’t mind high priced products and services as long as they add the value she expects, and hopefully more. She is willing to collaborate with a new consultant to help her design the best way to get and keep customers. She is open-minded to change and also feels comfortable voicing her ideas. She feels like her marketing and design service providers aren’t growing her business at the rate she would like. She has watched a few years go by and consistently sees no or little return on her marketing and design investments.

    • Income $200,000+
    • Female
    • solo-practice law firm
    • Operates out of central/north New Jersey
    • Paperless and modern business operations
    • Open-minded to possible changes in their company if it means they will be more successful
    • Not self-centered or narcissistic
    • Collaborative
    • Wants to be involved in the marketing and design process – this is essential because it’s the only way to earn customers through the internet.
    • Understands the importance of establish, prime, and manage feedback loops with prospects, customers, and partners
    • Not afraid of technology.
    • Comfortable making online and mobile payments – they will eventually have to pay me using those platforms. I’ve hit roadblocks in the past because clients were not familiar with newer payment platforms. This caused a delay in collecting the funds.
    • Unsatisfied with existing marketing and design solutions
    • Willing to eventually hire someone to work in-office to manage their account. To capitalize on this opportunity I will offer a “training” product that a client will purchase so that I can properly train the new employee in everything they will need for that specific client’s account prior to starting work.
    • Digital native who uses a smartphone and is capable of learning how to use just about any piece of technology after using it for a few minutes.
    • Capable of self-imposing editorial strategy on herself and her firm
    • Ready to lead by example
    • Willing to write articles, but is looking for direction on how to best accomplish

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