Conversations are the cornerstone of innovation.

This is an example of how to setup a system to curate customer feedback from both a crowd-sourced audience as well as privately with each individual customer. Clone this feedback loop and make it your own within seconds on the new Prethinc platform.

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Hi, I'm Melony. Conversations are the cornerstone of innovation.

My artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to understand your problem. Machine learning helps me learn to reply with the best pathway that leads you to a solution.

Questions asked by customers...

How do I start a site with a free domain name?

How do I start telling the story of my organization?

How do I know which customer to focus on first?

Which problem should I focus on solving for my customer?

How do I improve my customer experience?

How do I build an audience?

This is new to me. How do I start?

How might we establish trust with prospective customers?

How might we bridge the gap between education and economy?

What is a beta and how is it different from MVP?

What is the difference between hi-fidelity prototype and low-fidelity prototype?

What is intellectual property?

How do I get buy-in from my team on a new shared vision?

What is a good value proposition?

What should I do to prepare for launching an online portfolio?

Do you have an example of intellectual property scenarios?

How should I establish a feedback loop with my community?

How do I automate emails to onboard new users?

How do I setup automatic triggers based on actions a user takes on my site?

How should I setup my forms to bring submission data into same platform I run my business?

How do I get started with all of this for free?

The analytics you need to optimize the customer journey


My artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to understand your problem, and leverages machine learning to reply with a pathway to lead you to a solution.

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