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One Response to How do I build an audience?

  1. I did a lot of research last few days to learn about the streaming and video-on-demand landscape. I know this is only just a start, but it should be enough information to help us get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    1) Film Festivals: I want to prepare starting now to submit our work to the major film festivals for 2017 – we have an opportunity to really do this right. I can start gathering all important dates for submission deadlines, figure out the cost of our travel and trips, and we can put the festivals we are going to submit to on our calendars so we can plan accordingly and then get back to work on the actual content of the show. Can you let me know which festivals you think we should be looking into? If you send me over the names of the festivals I can do the admin work for this item.

    2) Some thoughts I have on the series:
    The Resilient Ones: Season One (September 2016)
    The Resilient Ones: Season Two (September 2017)
    The Resilient Ones: Season Three (September 2018)

    Continue airing seasons with the same characters until we have developed ourselves personally and we have developed our businesses to such a high level that we’re now the CEOs of companies that provide opportunities for thousands of youth every year – there are 100,000 disconnected/opportunity youth in New Jersey – that means we keep going until that number is zero. Eventually, we’ll be able to empower some of the existing youth to become like us which will multiply our impact because it won’t just be us creating opportunities – it will also be the youth who start creating opportunities for themselves and their family and friends from their local neighborhoods.

    3) Writer’s Guild of America: It looks like we should both become members of the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA). There could be other organizations that provide protection and services to film makers, but this was the only one I found so far. If you have another idea or preference just let me know so we can explore it. If we are members of WGA we get a lot of benefits such as legal services, access to specific funding opportunities, and the Writer’s Guild already has the relationship setup with Netflix – that is huge. I’m sure they would take a cut of what they sell to Netflix for us – if we hire them for the Netflix representation I’m sure it would be like they were our “agent”. Netflix pays $1.3 million for a show like ours – I would be fine giving a small percentage of that to an agent if they took care of all the bullshit with Netflix – it would let us focus on our work. I’m up for anything though so just let me know your thoughts. They have instructions on how to get a project like ours on Netflix. See attached for pdf titled, “Writers Guild Agent & Netflix PDF”

    4) Writer’s Collaboration Agreement: I got this agreement from the Writer’s Guild website and it seems to be what you and I should have between us. If you and I want to tweak it to better suit our needs we can just do that.

    5) New Media Notice of Tentative Writing Credit: This doc outlines details for how we handle writing credits, who we have to notify, by what deadline, etc.

    6) Crash-course for Producers: This doc has all the information a producer needs to know – it’s a big doc, but I’ll probably read through it over the next few weeks.

    7) TV Checklist: Outlines specific items and deliverables we need to take care of at various points through the process.

    8) TAX ID Number & Business: I got a tax id number under the name The Resilient Ones – I just used my office address in Princeton for now. I did not register the actual business though – we can figure that out in the next few weeks – I just want to make sure we have at least three board of directors and a core founding team of at least four people – then we can all be put on the business registration docs and we’ll issue everyone an equal share of stock in the corporation.

    9) are working on – I couldn’t believe all the money that is available right now for EXACTLY what we’re doing – I thought we may look into crowdfunding, but after finding what I found today I don’t think we’re going to have a hard time getting $25,000 for the first season – I think we should keep the budget at $25,000 or less so that it looks like a low-budget project. I am going to send you all the grant information in a different email because there’s already so much in this email.

    I think next steps are for us to come to a mutual understanding between each other regarding how we will work together on this project from the beginning – if can spend a little extra time on the details upfront it will help production and post-prod be smooth with less hiccups – I also don’t want us to have to worry about technical/contractual or any other distractions once we are in the heat of this project. I want to be able to really sink my teeth into this project and feel safe and comfortable with our team.

    By the end of this week, let’s try to complete the following four items:


    Akintola: read through the attachment and let me know if you’re comfortable using that as a starting point and we can modify it to meet our needs


    Akintola: send me the names of the festivals you recommend for us

    Daniel: create a document including the festivals Akintola sends and include submission deadlines, contact information, locations, submission costs, travel estimates, etc


    Akintola & Daniel: have a conversation to hash out details on the project direction/vision

    Daniel: after the conversation, send Akintola a first draft of everything we talked about

    Akintola: review the draft and send Daniel any feedback you have so he can update the draft and send it back to you


    Daniel: send Akintola a first draft of a 3-6 month timeline

    Akintola: review the draft and send Daniel any feedback

    Let me know what you think – I know you have your own thing going on so I’m not trying to ask you for too much time – it’s mostly just reviewing stuff and letting me know how to improve stuff, if that works for you.

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